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Welcome to my Newest site Eurocoeds.com I originally wanted to start filming for this site 3 years ago when I first traveled to Europe. But things turned out to be much harder to setup for filming, versus in the USA… For one thing, most of the girls wouldn’t do naked photos or videos with me, because I’m just some stupid foreigner… Well I refused to give up… I kept traveling back to Europe all this time, and have finally gotten my friend group large enough to start filming some of the naturally BEAUTIFUL European girls that I meet out here in the real world. This isn’t just another site featuring European beauties… You might know my original site, NebraskaCoeds, and if you do, you will also know that I am really just your average Mid-western American guy, who’s really expanding to Europe, flying there every few months to hang out with my friends there, and also to film some new girls. THIS site is definitely my real passion project. Euro girls are so much more open than American girls… also, they don’t have the obsession with Fatty Fast Food, and Ugly Ink on their bodies. Nothing but pure sexual, beautiful girls. My name is Jim, and I’m now a 35 year old guy. I started Nebraskacoeds back in 2000, and I’m using everything I’ve learned from that site, while filming this site. Hope you enjoy my work! And, as always, please feel free to email me any questions or comments! I’m VERY fast at responding to emails! You can email me at necoeds@gmail.com

Tiny Brunette Spinner Kate Doing Her First Ever Nude Video
Kate 02/02/2016
Here is my newest favorite model to work with. Well I shouldn't really call her a model, since she's more of a newly discovered amateur girl, met on the streets of Riga. (FOR REAL!) First off, she's 25 years old, something I am totally blown away by, since she is so fun and young looking! She was REALLY nervous for this first naked video of hers... playing with herself on my couch with only her fingers, you can see her hands visibly shaking from fear. She has a boyfriend back in the small town that she lives in, but it seems she was really feeling free here in the big city with her new American friend, Me! Also, she had never heard of the term "spinner" something that she for sure qualifies for! I would love to spin her tiny body on my dick while fucking her! Enjoy!

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